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Marketing & Advertising

Accounting & Finance

Management & Strategy

Research & Development

Human Resources & Ethics


Basic Business Simulation

Provide an introductory business experience by turning off the advanced business modules. Modules include Production, R&D, Marketing, Territories, Advertising, HR, Ethics, Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, and more.

Management Simulation

Review budgets, set level of ethics, document decisions in the Strategy Journal, run sales forecasts. Balance investments between business functions.

Strategy Simulation

Create business scenarios that challenge players to differentiate their products in the marketplace. Analyze how well players are executing on their strategies using the Strategy Journal and Coaching Report.

Human Resources Simulation

High-level Human Resources decisions where students have to manage employee numbers (5 job families), salaries, benefits, productivity, morale, training, hiring and severance costs.

Metrics include Morale, Productivity, Turnover Rate, Turnover Cost, and overall HR Score. Instructors can customize the variables, including productivity levels, average turnover rate in the industry, minimum employee numbers, starting salaries, and more.

Marketing Simulation

Evaluate consumer groups and psychographics. Align product price and features to meet the needs of target customers. Invest in advertising and sales promotion to build brand awareness, loyalty, and equity. Sell into multiple territories while considering market demand and distribution strategy. Consider product, price, place, and promotion.

Advertising Simulation

Distribute marketing investments across ten advertising options. Purchase advertising research to discover the best mix needed to reach target consumers. Monitor advertising effectiveness.

Finance & Accounting Simulation

Maximize the financial performance of your business. Manage costing, budgeting, working capital, cash flow, debt, stock, currency exchange, and more.

Practice accounting principles, including accounts receivable and aging, cost of goods, inventory carrying costs, depreciation, taxes, cost of goods, payroll tax, and income tax.

Analyze and build financial statements, including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, General Ledger, and General Journal. Calculate financial ratios. Manage mergers, acquisitions, and conglomerates.

International Business Simulation

Evaluate consumer groups and psychographics based on region or country. Invest in localization. Choose to distribute into one or more territories. Manage multiple currencies and monitor currency exchange rates.

Entrepreneurship Simulation

Identify market need, market demand, and target consumers.  Define your product value proposition, including price, features, and brand. Compete to win market share. Raise money through debt or equity financing and strive to achieve profitability.

Any industry. Any product. Any market.

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