GoVenture CEO offers tremendous value to instructors and students.

• With one subscription, INSTRUCTORS can CREATE an unlimited number of simulations.

• With one subscription, STUDENTS can PLAY an unlimited number of simulations in any number of courses from anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

• The same GoVenture CEO subscription can be used to create and play simulations customized for business, management, strategy, human resources, marketing, advertising, accounting, and more.




If you are required to purchase a GoVenture CEO Subscription Key for your course, you may do so for US$29 at or


INSTRUCTORS: Click the instructors tab above.


Instructor accounts for COLLEGE, BUSINESS, and NONPROFIT are free ($0). Student accounts are US$29 each for a 6-month subscription. Students can purchase subscriptions online, or your organization can purchase subscriptions in bulk.

There are three ways in which students can get their GoVenture accounts:

•  Students can purchase subscriptions online
(click the STUDENTS tab above for website links)

• Your organization can purchase subscriptions in bulk and give them to students for free (Purchase at )

• Your bookstore can purchase subscriptions in bulk and sell them to students.  Note that bookstore discounts and returns are not available, but subscriptions keys do not expire, so unused ones can be carried forward (Purchase at )


K-12 SCHOOLS have different licensing and pricing options. For details, visit the pricing page on our main GoVenture website at