Our design goal with GoVenture CEO is to offer a deep and sophisticated simulation-based learning experience for students that is incredibly quick and easy for instructors to adopt, requiring only minutes of management time.

GoVenture CEO includes sophisticated assessment tools that are integrated into the simulation.  Many are automatically turned on and update in real time for instructors to review, while others are optional and can be turned on with a few clicks.

Performance evaluation, scoring, and journaling are built into the simulation and available at any time with the click of a button.

The comprehensive Coaching Report makes it easy for instructors to offer students personalized business advice, even if the instructor is not monitoring the simulation results.

Team Evaluation and Competency Quizzes can also be assigned.

Team Evaluation

If students are playing a simulation in teams, instructors can have them submit peer evaluations of their teammates' performance. This may be useful for identifying strong and weak contributors for grading or other purposes. Instructors can issue any number of Team Evaluations, including during and after play (allowing students the opportunity to improve).  Team Evaluations are completed online with results automatically collected and summarized for instructors.

Competency Quiz

In addition to the performance reports and rubrics included with GoVenture simulations, instructors may also require students to submit a Competency Quiz. The GoVenture CEO Competency Quiz is unique because it is personalized for each student. Students must gather answers from their actual simulation results, in addition to answering questions on business theory. Competency Quizzes are completed online with results automatically collected and summarized for instructors.


1.  Assesses actual knowledge and competency instead of memorization skills.

2.  Experiential and problem-based.

3.  Personalized for the student to make it more meaningful.

4.  Minimizes sharing of answers.

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