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We provide everything instructors need for student assessment — including our free advice and support.

AI-Powered Assessment Tools

  • GoVenture CEO includes sophisticated assessment tools that are integrated into the simulation.
  • Performance evaluation, scoring, and journaling are updated in real time and available at the click of a button.
  • All key business metrics are tracked, allowing instructors to grade on any performance indicators desired.

Rubic Report

The Rubric Report assesses student performance based on actual decisions and behaviors demonstrated in the simulation.

Coaching Report

The Coaching Report makes it easy for instructors to offer students personalized business advice, even if the instructor is not monitoring the simulation results.

Debrief Report

The Debrief Report makes it easy for instructors to host live group sessions to review business results, pose questions, spur discussion, and allow students to learn from each other and benefit from reflection.

Experience Reports

Report templates (document and slides) are available for instructors who want students to prepare reports about their experience running a simulated business.

Team Evaluation

  • If students are playing a simulation in teams, instructors can have them submit peer evaluations of their teammates' performance. This helps identify strong and weak contributors for grading or other purposes.
  • Instructors can issue any number of Team Evaluations, including during and after play (allowing students the opportunity to improve).
  • Team Evaluations are completed online with results automatically collected and summarized for instructors.

Competency Quiz

  • The Competency Quiz provides instructors with a conventional testing method for grading.
  • The Competency Quiz includes multiple-choice questions on business theory, and questions that require students to find data from their actual simulation results.
  • Unlike conventional multiple-choice tests, the Competency Quiz is  rigorously designed to require students to identify the best answers while also identifying why other answers are incorrect or incomplete. This approach rewards students for knowledge and competency, while minimizing guessing and memorization.
  • Quiz questions are personalized for each student and the quiz is completed online with results automatically collected and summarized for instructors.

We'll help you choose an assessment strategy that fits your preferences and accreditation requirements