Create a business simulation for ANY product, ANY industry, and ANY market.

GoVenture CEO is a revolutionary and highly customizable business simulation where players manage companies on their own or in teams. The Simulation Manager (usually an instructor) chooses from dozens of ready-to-play industries or designs a new simulation using a simple point-and-click form. Build simulations that model current events, historical successes or failures, or to target specific challenges or learning outcomes.

Includes amazing assessment tools.

Define ANY product, ANY industry, and ANY market, or choose from various preset scenarios. Determine product type, product features, human resources, market size, customer psychographics, currency, unexpected events, and much more. Once the simulation is set up, players can join and compete individually, in teams, or head to head.

The objective is to operate a successful business by manufacturing and marketing a product line, while competing with other businesses managed by human and/or computer players. Monitor revenue, profitability, market share, brand value, equity, and more.

The simulation plays in preset periods set by the Simulation Manager. Each period, players must decide where to invest: manufacturing, research and development, human resources, sales promotion, brand advertising, price discount advertising, market research, advertising mix, and more. Players set product prices, choose their business approach to ethics, and decide on whether to distribute into one or more markets. Market Research and Financial reports are available to aid analysis and decision making, and a virtual management team provides real-time business advice.

The market is dynamic, with each business affecting the overall results. Players must manage their own strategies while monitoring competitive positioning, actions, and other market forces that arise.

Omni Intermedia Awards: Gold Award Winner

GoVenture CEO received a gold award in the Education category with a perfect score of 10.


User Guide

Everything You Need Is Included

Everything instructors and students need to get started and perform well is included for free. See the sidebar for Video Tutorials, User Guide, Presentation Slides, Instructor Guide, and more.

Also included is a 160-page Learning Guide & Activity Book that helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business. The 160-page Guide is easy to read with large text and lots of examples to make fundamental business concepts easy to understand.  Students can use it as a reference for topics they need help with, or read it from cover to cover to gain practical business wisdom. View sample pages

Curriculum-Matched Experiential Learning

Over 100 activities, topics, and outcomes can be covered by playing GoVenture CEO. view all

100+ Languages

Google Translate is integrated in the simulation interface to provide translation in over 100 languages.

Amazing Assessment Tools

Sophisticated performance evaluation, scoring, and journaling are built into the simulation and available at any time with the click of a button.

The comprehensive Coaching Report makes it easy for instructors to offer students personalized business advice, even if the instructor is not monitoring the simulation results.

Conduct peer assessments using the Team Evaluation feature or implement a Competency Quiz that is personalized for each student by using answers from their actual simulation results.

Best of all, everything is automated for the instructor.

Find out more about the integrated assessment tools.

All The Features You Need

•  Online subscription works on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook.

•  Highly customizable, yet quick and easy to set up and manage.

•  Share and trade your custom simulations with other Simulation Managers.

•  Players can be assigned to work individually or in teams.

•  Allows individual play or asynchronous multiplayer competition.

•  Can be played in a few hours or over several weeks/months.

•  Performance Evaluation and Scoring built in.


Examples of Simulations You Can Create

Business Types

•  Agriculture

•  Automotive

•  Electronics

•  Energy

•  Entertainment

•  Food and Beverage

•  Healthcare

•  Oil & Gas

•  Pharmaceutical

•  Real Estate

•  Telecom

•  Transportation

•  and more, large or small business

Business Functions

•  Marketing

•  Advertising

•  Pricing

•  Human Resources

•  Manufacturing

•  Research and Development

•  Finance

•  Operations

•  Pharmaceutical

•  and more


See examples
of simulation types

System Requirements


What you need to play GoVenture CEO

Feature Details

Online Subscription

GoVenture CEO is an online program accessible from any Internet browser. High-speed Internet access is not required. The simulation is licensed on a per-user, limited-time subscription basis.

Easy to Use with High Educational Value

The simulation is designed to be very easy to use: it is easy to set up, easy to start, and easy to play, yet deep in its strategy and learning value.

Highly Flexible

Choose one of the existing simulations or create your own.

Simulation Time Advance

Time advances in periods that you define (hours, days, weeks, months, periods, years, etc.). Up to 24 periods can be played. Business decisions must be made at the beginning of each period. All decisions of all businesses for the period are processed at the same time, based on a schedule set by the Simulation Manager (usually the Instructor/Facilitator). For example, the Simulation Manager may choose to have decisions processed every Wednesday night, which means players must make and save their current-period decisions prior to that time each week. Any schedule can be set to reduce or extend the duration of the simulation to span days, weeks, or months. Time can also be advanced manually at the click of a button, allowing for a competition to be played within hours or minutes.

Individuals and Teams

Players can be assigned to work individually or in teams. Each individual or team is assigned one business. Players in teams can log in to the same business at any time and from different locations. All players have access to all decisions in their business, so they must work together. Business decisions can be changed any number of times, up until the decision deadline, as set by the Simulation Manager. Players on the same or different teams do not have to log in at the same time to access their businesses. Players on the same team can also communicate asynchronously using the built-in Strategy Journal (similar to a blog).

Multiplayer Competition

Players can be assigned to work in their own markets, or compete in the same market. All businesses competing in the same market will affect the market conditions collectively.

100+ Languages

Google Translate is integrated in the simulation interface to provide translation in over 100 languages.

News and Messaging

News is presented using a virtual news anchor and a messaging system. Players can post messages for each other (similar to Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates). The Simulation Manager can also send messages to communicate with players.

Virtual Advisors

Each business has a virtual management team of four animated characters: VP Products, VP Marketing, VP Finance, VP Operations. The management team provides general business advice on fundamental business concepts, as well as specific performance observations for each business. The management team helps players make important cognitive connections that lead to business success.

Performance Evaluation and Scoring

Sophisticated performance Evaluation and Scoring is built into the simulation and available at any time with the click of a button. Business-specific observations are included to make it quick and easy to evaluate player performance. Strategy Journal can be used to record player decision making. Find out more about the amazing assessment tools.

Quick and Easy to Set Up and Manage

For the Simulation Manager (instructor/trainer), GoVenture Marketing can be set up within minutes, and it will run automatically with no intervention required (unless desired). Every detail is accessible to the Simulation Manager from a single interface, accessible from any Internet-enabled computer. A special login is required to access these features.


Business modules can be turned ON or OFF to adjust the depth and focus of the learning experience. Modules include: R&D, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising Mix, Loans, Stock, Ethics, Reports. Modules can also be customized (see below).

Copy and Share Simulations

Simulation Managers can copy and share simulations with each other. For example, you can create an Automotive simulation and then reuse that competition yourself repeatedly or allow others to use it. Build your own library of simulations and share your expertise with others.

Highly Customizable

A high degree of customization is available for the Simulation Manager:

This chart shows the main modules. Green modules can be turned OFF to simplify the simulation or to isolate specific learning objectives.

Name of Simulation Competition allows players to find the Simulation Competition amongst others that they may be playing.

Currency name and symbol can be customized to any real or fictitious currency. Multiple currencies can be included with changing currency exchange rates.

Product Type is the category of the product or industry, such as Electronics, Automotive, Shoes, Cosmetics, etc.

Product Features define and differentiate a product. Businesses can optionally invest in Research and Development to improve the features of their respective products. Up to four features can be defined. For example, with a car, these may be styling, safety, reliability, and gas gas mileage. Features are completely defined by the Simulation Manager and can be turned off if desired.

Product Cost is the base manufacturing cost of the product.

Transportation Cost is the expense incurred to ship the product.

Product Manufacturing Cost is the amount of money needed to create the product.

Product Selling Price is the amount of money the consumer will pay for the product. Maximum and minimum product selling prices can be set to limit player pricing options. The wider the range, the greater the price competition possible.

Revenue Fee can represent a reseller discount, licensing fee, royalty, commission, duty, tax, or other payment that is associated with the sale of a product.

Period and Duration of the simulation: The Simulation Competition advances in periods. Any period can be defined (hour, day, week, month, period, year, etc.), and up to 24 periods can be played in one Simulation Competition.

Multiple Simulation Competitions can be played and managed simultaneously.

Business Starting Cash and Budgets for each period can be set.

Product Manufacturing Management can be turned OFF to simplify the simulation by always matching company product supply to market demand, or turned ON to require players to forecast expected sales and attempt to manufacture just enough product to match.

Product Expiration can be set to encourage players to minimize inventory levels.

Inventory Carrying Cost is the money lost when a product in inventory remains unsold.

Sales and Marketing can be turned ON to enable businesses to invest in Product Line and Brand Advertising, Price Discount Advertising, and Sales Promotion.

Advertising Mix can be turned ON to require businesses to choose specific types of advertising, such as television, radio, Internet, and more.

Market Territories can be turned OFF to simplify the simulation, or turned ON to enable businesses to enter into new territories with varied market profiles.

Market Size is the total amount of money consumers will spend to purchase a product in each territory in each period.

Consumer Profiles can be set to create any type of market demographic/psychographic desired, including any combination of price, brand, and feature desirability. Each of the three territories has 10 consumer profiles that can be defined.

Human Resources can be turned ON to require businesses to manage employee numbers, wages, benefits, turnover, morale, and more.

Loans and Stocks can be turned ON to allow businesses to access additional financing through acquisition of debt or sale of equity.

Ethics feature can be turned ON to require businesses to choose their level of operating ethics.

Advisor and Help text can be edited to provide specific help and business advice.

Custom Events can be created and triggered at any time. Events can affect one or more businesses in terms of cash, market demand, costs, and more. Any type of event can be created, such as labor strikes, weather, natural disasters, international incidents, trade disputes, and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Combine the results of individual businesses, similar to how businesses might be combined in the real world of business.

Conglomerates: Combine the results of two more businesses to model multiple product lines, subsidiaries, or lines of business.

Messages: Playevrs can post messages for each other (similar to Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates). The Simulation Manager can also send messages to communicate with players.

Scoring is built in but can be disabled in favor of a customized scoring approach.

Individuals, Teams, and Competitions can be set up in any combination desired.

Simulation Time Advance can be set to any desired interval by identifying specific dates or using a manual approach. Once set up, the simulation runs automatically. Periods can also be repeated if needed.

Businesses, Teams, and Players can be removed from a simulation at any time.

Detailed reports on all aspects of the competition and company performance can be reviewed and printed at any time. Individual reports can be turned on or off.

Player Quiz can be enabled to require players to take a simple quiz to makes sure they have reviewed the User Guide and are ready to play.

And much more!