and convenient

•  Amazing value for instructors and students.

•  Create and play an unlimited number of simulations in the same or different classes or schools, at no extra cost.

•  Students purchase and play online. No bookstore and no organization needed.

•  We provide direct support to students.


•  Define ANY product, ANY industry, and ANY market, or choose from various preset business scenarios. Determine product type, product features, human resources, market size, customer psychographics, currency, unexpected events, and much more.

•  Players can compete individually, in teams, or head to head.

•  Can be played in a few hours or over several weeks or months.

•  Instructors can share their custom simulations with each other.

Simulation helps students put theory into practice in a meaningful way. It's often one of their most effective and memorable educational experiences.

We know that adopting a new program into a curriculum can be inconvenient and risky. A decade of experience and feedback from the thousands of educators around the world that use our simulations has helped us design GoVenture CEO to overcome these challenges.

•  Easy to adopt and manage

•  Easy to play, yet deep in its strategy

•  You can have it up and running in minutes


Fully automated, including student coaching and grading.

•  A visually rich interface, expertly designed flow, and virtual advisors guide students towards making good business decisions and learning from them.

•  One-click reports give instructors instant access to performance data that is easy to read and apply, even if you are not actively following the simulation.

•  Instructor time is kept to a minimum. You can even set it and forget it!

Basic Business Simulation

Provide an introductory business experience by turning off the advanced modules.

Management Simulation

Review budgets, set level of ethics, document decisions in the Strategy Journal, run sales forecasts. Play individually or in teams.

Strategy Simulation

Create business scenarios that challenge players to differentiate their products in the marketplace. Analyze how well players are executing on their strategies.

HR Simulation

•  High level HR decisions where students have to manage employee numbers (5 job families), salaries, benefits, productivity, morale, training, hiring and severance costs.

•  Metrics include Morale, Productivity, Turnover Rate, Turnover Cost, and overall HR Score.  Metrics are industry competitive which means if one business does better than others, its turnover rate will be lower than others.

•  Instructors can customize the variables, including productivity levels, average turnover rate in the industry, minimum employee numbers, starting salaries, and more.

Marketing Simulation

Invest in advertising and sales promotion to help build brand equity. Sell into multiple territories. Consider various consumer psychographics.

Advertising Simulation

Distribute marketing investments across ten advertising options. Purchase advertising research to discover the best mix needed to reach target consumers.

Finance and Accounting Simulation

Review financial details and performance of your business. Raise money by taking out a loan or issuing stock. Monitor stock price and earnings per share.

And more!

Build simulations that model current events, historical successes or failures, or to target specific challenges or learning outcomes. Define any product, any industry, and any market using a simple point-and-click interface.

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